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My Approach

stop accepting apologies not accompanied by changed behavior

Let's approach? Essentially, it's a mix of directness delivered through empathy and joining byway of authentic connection minus the "fluff" and "pretentiousness" you might expect from a typical therapeutic experience. I find neither work well when true change is the goal. I take pride in my ability to remain flexible and open-minded in how I show up for my patients. Each week looks a bit different based on what you are dealing with in real time, as well as any unfinished business that may carry over from prior sessions. There is no cookie-cutter recipe that works for everyone and I work hard to remain mindful that each patients treatment plan must contain varying ingredients to maintain the integrity of their respective recipes for success. We will typically meet for one concentrated hour a week and there are roughly 156 hours between our sessions so I am a big fan of gap-time homework assignments and encourage weekly focus points that promote self-awareness and introspection.

Truth be told, I often including journaling, meditation exercises and pertinent psychological assessments (as well as an occasional TedTalk video) as regular parts of my therapy practice based on their relevance in our work together. I have been in therapy myself on and off for the entire 20 years of my career and I would never invite or encourage any of my patients to "practice what I preach" if I have not done my own investigation and found the practice to be helpful. I have been on both sides of suffering mental illness to advocating for the mentally ill that feel they have no voice. I have mastered the role of being the addict, playing the part of the loved one of an addict and proudly testify about how I continue to live large and flourish. Through the many twists and turns of my journey, I have come to learn that life happens FOR me and not TO me. I can help you reach a place where you can begin to appreciate the shattered prisms that shape the ever-evolving kaleidoscope of your life. And I can assure you, the view is breathtaking!!

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